There are various supports for people in Manitoba living with HIV. 

They include:

  • Food bank in Winnipeg at Nine Circles Community Health Centre
  • Provincial infant formula program
  • Access to Mental Health Therapy
  • Social Work and Occupational Therapy
  • Indigenous cultural therapy: drumming, sweats and medicine picking
  • Group Programming

Help Stop Stigma

The Manitoba HIV Program is committed to supporting the reduction of HIV related stigma here in Manitoba.  As such, the Manitoba HIV Program has partnered with Nine Circles Community Health Centre and the University of Manitoba to evaluate HIV related stigma and discrimination in our province.

Preliminary findings show that exclusion from family and social activities, verbal and physical harassment or assault, and denial of work opportunities and health services continue to be a reality for people living with HIV in Manitoba.

Through forums with people living with HIV, service providers, researchers and policy makers- more education, particularly for health and social care providers but also for the general public, was strongly recommended in order to dispel myths and misinformation about HIV and promote compassion and equitable health care.

We acknowledge that stigma and discrimination may be experienced differently in diverse Manitoba communities, and we encourage action on the multiple social, economic, and political determinants that put people at risk of infection and influence intersecting forms of stigma and discrimination experienced by people living with HIV.

Living with the Stigma of HIV