The Manitoba HIV Program Update Report

The annual Manitoba HIV Report provides a brief overview of the sociodemographic and clinical characteristics of individuals who entered into HIV care and identifies key areas for improving health outcomes for people living with HIV in Manitoba. This document also highlights important policy and funding recommendations that would help to support the Program in providing high quality care to Manitobans living with HIV.  

Our data continues to show high rates of success among people entering care with the Manitoba HIV Program.

Although delayed diagnosis and late presentation to care continue to be areas of concern for the Manitoba HIV Program, overall, once diagnosed and linked to the Program, Manitobans are doing well.

Get Involved

The Manitoba HIV Program supports both Clinical and Community Based Research for HIV in Manitoba.  If you are a researcher, patient, service provider or public health professional, who is interested in HIV/STBBI research in Manitoba, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Manitoba HIV-STBBI Collective Impact Network

The Manitoba HIV Program is a proud member of the MB HIV-STBBI Collective Impact Network.